House of the Dragon Episode 9 End Explanation: Hell, all the devils are here


House of the Dragon Episode 9 was sudden and somewhat dramatic. the king is Dead. The new king is cheering whether you like him or not.

But it really shouldn’t have been such a big blow. The final episode of anything even remotely related to Game of Thrones can never be built in peace.

There aren’t any typical shock and awe moments in the latest episode 9 of House of the Dragon, which could match the beheading of Ned Stark—which paved the way for the original series—but it had everything else.

house of the dragon

Princess Helena is, you know, a little weird. She plays with insects, she doesn’t say much.

House of the Dragon Episode 9 was full of tension, nervousness and unpredictability, and adventure. You never know who can be beheaded and who can be burnt.

In House of the Dragon episode 9, the king is dead. After the king’s death, Lisant tells her father, Otto Hightower, that what she is doing is the king’s last wish.

It doesn’t matter whether Otto Hightower actually believes it or not.

This episode of House of the Dragon differs from its source material, George R.R. Martin’s Fire and Blood, in a few key ways.

Aliant surprisingly anchors the episode as she finally reveals what we’re thinking — she’s been a shameless pawn in Otto Hightower’s plans, something she might regret.

Her expressions are full of weariness and weariness as she struggles to use the power of her words against a world of men, but it’s not of much use. The other woman who has such a magnetic hold on the show is Queen Ranis – The Queen Who Never Was.

She’s been playing with loyalty for a while now, but she also wants to know that she won’t be messed with—as she shows in the final moments of the show. Rainis explodes with a dragon, while Alicent and the entire team tremble in his boots.

There came a moment when I was almost convinced that this could be the defining moment in the show and she would put them all to death—but it’s not disappointing. She flashes with a very cold fury and then turns away. They wouldn’t have it that easy, would they?

Episode 9 of House of the Dragon portrays tension seeping into the realms, coinciding with a morbidly remarkable OST — you know, whenever such ominous music plays, nothing good ever happens—going to do.

The episode was quite entertaining and upbeat, filled with well-suited gloom and shadows (literally no form of bright light), and it remains to be seen who lives, or who dies, in the finale.

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