How To Listen To Apple Music Radio Stations for Free


Apple Music, as one of the most popular music streaming services on the market, offers much more than just playlists and albums. On the platform, you can also listen to Apple Music radio stations.

Normally, you’d have to pay to listen to music on the app, but you can listen to Apple Music stations without a subscription. So, even if you have recently unsubscribed for some reason, you can still listen to the radio stations.

Continue reading to learn how to stream Apple Music radio stations for free.

How to Play Apple Music Radio Stations

Although you can listen to Apple Music radio stations for free, there is one criterion you must meet. If you don’t already have an Apple ID, you’ll need to create one. If you have one and have forgotten your credentials, you can reset your Apple ID password in several ways.

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Start by creating an Apple ID, and then complete these steps:

1. Launch the Apple Music app and log in with your Apple ID.

2. After you sign in, Apple may display a promotional screen inviting you to subscribe to Apple Music. To return to the main interface, dismiss the screen.

3. To open a tab, tap the radio at the bottom of the screen.

4. Once on the Radio tab, find the station you want to listen to and hit the play button. Scroll down to see stations from local and international broadcasters.

5. To find a certain station, use the search button at the bottom right. You can find someone by name, frequency, surname, or even call sign.

You can listen to Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country without a subscription as of this writing, but only for a limited period.

However, you can listen to Apple Music 1 live for free, but unless you subscribe to Apple Music (or buy Apple Music for free to see if it’s worth it) you can watch past shows on demand. Will not be able to stream.

On the other hand, broadcast radio is free. The only caveat is that not all radio stations are available in every country, and Apple Music’s broadcast radio capability isn’t available everywhere either.

You can listen to Apple Music Radio for free

A subscription to Apple Music is required. However, when you can listen to broadcast radio and choose Apple Music stations for free and are satisfied with the selection, there’s no reason to pay.

Otherwise, you’ll have to pay to create your own stations and stream all existing Apple Music stations.

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